Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for answers on how to sell with us, look no more.

1. About us

What is Pagantis?

Pagantis is the leading flexible payments solution in Southern Europe. Founded in 2011, our offices are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan and Paris. We have more than 100 employees who are responsible for ensuring the safety and trust of our customers.

Considered as a pioneer in instant consumer loans, we have extensive experience in the financial sector and payment methods.

2. How does it work?

How does Pagantis work?

Pagantis is the leading online financing company in Southern Europe. Our ecommerce payment method allows consumers to pay their purchases in flexible instalments.

Pagantis’ mission is to offer the best user experience to consumers. In only a few seconds, our clients can submit a financing request and receive an instant response.

In how many instalment can my customers pay their purchase?

Customers may choose to finance their purchase in up to 24 instalments.

Is there any financing limit?

We have no limit. There is no minimum or maximum amount, the amounts differ depending on the ecommerce.

How will Paganits impact my business?

With Pagantis you will see the average ticket of your ecommerce grow!

Purchases made through Pagantis have a higher average ticket than any other payment method.

You will be able to reach more customers, hence improving the conversion rate of your eCommerce.

What is the cost of the service?

There is no sign up, integration or maintenance cost.

Our only cost is a 2.50% maximum fee per transaction. This cost decreases as the monthly volume increases.

Consumers have a cost of 25% APR in their financed purchases.

3. Signing up


To work with us you must have a European bank account, have an ecommerce check-out and sell B2C products/ services.

How can I start working with Pagantis?

Signing up is very easy! To register you must follow the following steps:

1. Sign the contract:

Contact our Commercial Department by filling out the following form and you will receive a contract through DocuSign. You must fill it with your data and sign it.

2. Production keys:

After signing the contract, you will have to register in our Merchant Backoffice. Once you’re registered we’ll proceed with your account activation and grant you access to your production keys. From this point onwards, you can start operating with Pagantis!

3. Activation of settlements:

Once you have your first real sale, our Legal Department will review the documentation provided and activate the settlements.

4. Integration

How do I integrate Pagantis?

Integrating Pagantis is fast and simple. Look for you eCommerce platform below and download the corresponding module. Follow the steps and within minutes Pagantis will be fully integrated in your website.

If you have your own custom platform, our Integrations Team will help you with the setup so you can start operating with Pagantis as soon as possible. Below you may find related resources:

5. Settlements

When do I receive the money?

In Pagantis we liquidate your sales the day after the transaction has taken place. The very first transaction may take up to 72h to settle, after our Legal Department has reviewed the documentation provided.

Is there any risk?

Pagantis transactions are 100% safe for you. Pagantis assumes the risk if the customer does not pay off due instalments.

6. Documents

What legal documents do I need to send you?

The merchant must send the following documentation to documentacionlegal@pagamastarde.com, specifying the eCommerce name and its tax identification number (CIF/ DNI) in the SUBJECT:

If you are a company:

  • Copy of the deed of incorporation of the company and its bylaws.
  • Photocopy of the CIF-Definitive Card.
  • Photocopy on both sides of the DNI, NIE or valid passport of the legal representative.
  • Bank receipt with the bank account owned by the merchant.

f you are freelancer:

  • Photocopies on both sides of the DNI, NIE or valid passport of the legal representative. Bank receipt with the bank account owned by the merchant.
  • Legal documentation will be reviewed after the first real transaction carried out with Pagantis. Once the documentation provided is reviewed, the settlements will be activated. This can take up to 72h after the first sale is concluded.

7. Daily Operations

How's the daily operation?

Pagantis provides a user area to all businesses with all the information related to daily operations (Production keys, Sales, Liquidations, Promotions, etc.)

If you are already registered in Pagantis, you can access your user area here.

Our service as a marketing tool

Pagantis allows you to assume the cost of financing and thus offer interest-free financing to your clients.

Interest-free financing has a higher average ticket and higher conversion than normal purchases. As a result you can increase both your average ticket and the conversion of your checkout.

From your user area you can set up the promotions you want according to your Marketing strategy.

How do returns work?

They can be made from your backoffice, by clicking on cancellation and entering the amount to be returned. This can also be managed in Sales Details.

Both partial and total returns of a sale are allowed. In the first case, financing is amortized, reducing the number of fees. In the second case, the entire amount of the operation is reversed.

"Pagantis" is a brand owned by the entity Pagantis, S.A.U. dedicated to the provision of payment services. Pagantis, S.A.U. authorizes the use of its brand to the entity Pagamastarde, S.L.U., who makes use of it in the provision of its consumer finance services.

“Pagantis" es una marca propiedad de la entidad Pagantis, S.A.U. dedicada a la prestación de servicios de pago. Pagantis, S.A.U. autoriza la utilización de su marca a la entidad Pagamastarde, S.L.U., quien hace uso de ella en la prestación de sus servicios de financiación al consumo.