Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for answers on how to buy with us, look no more.

1. About us

What is Pagantis?

Pagantis is the leading flexible payments solution in Southern Europe. Founded in 2011, our offices are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan and Paris. We have more than 100 employees who are responsible for ensuring the safety and trust of our customers.

Considered as a pioneer in instant consumer loans, we have extensive experience in the financial sector and payment methods.

Who manages my loan?

Pagantis is a regulated company by Spain’s national bank.

What is the cost for me?

The cost you assume is only the interest. This interest may vary depending on the store where you make your purchase, between 0% and 25% APR without any other additional cost.

2. Request process

Who can use Pagantis?

Any person over the age of 18, with a National Identity Document (DNI) or with NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) and who has a national bank card.

What documents do I need to include?

You do not need any document as proof of income or payroll, just have your national bank card at hand.

Do I need to sign up?

No, Pagantis is a system that provides a direct and fast service. It is not necessary to pass a registration process to benefit from the service. We will send you an email with the access codes to your user panel where you can manage your financing.

Is there any minimum quantity?

You can use Pagantis for any purchase, regardless of the quantity

Why did I receive an email before finishing my request?

Pagantis as a financial entity, complies among other regulations with the Consumer Credit Law which establishes among its obligations to providing the client with the necessary pre-contractual information (European Standard Information) prior to contracting.

What happens if my request gets rejected?

If unfortunately your request is rejected, you must click on ‘Back to the store’ and select another payment method to finalize your purchase.

For any questions or clarification you can send an email to the address: info@pagantis.com

Do I need to get an insurance?

The contract of any insurance is not necessary.

3. Instalments payment

How do I pay my instalments?

The first installment will be charged after indicating your bank card details in the last step of your financing request.

Pagantis will automatically charge your monthly payments on the card you provide us during the request.

If you still have any questions you can contact us through the email payments@pagantis.com

When can I amortize or advance my instalments?

You can advance or amortize your instalments from the first moment your financing is approved.

If you still have any questions you can contact us through the email payments@pagantis.com

Can I advance my instalments?

Of course! With Pagantis you can amortize your pending payments at any time and finalize your financing. In case of advancing all the installments, the total interest payable decreases, paying only the interest in relation to the time you have had the financing.

If you still have any questions you can contact us through the email payments@pagantis.com

Are there additional costs if I am late in paying some of the instalments?

In the event that Pagantis cannot fully or partially charge your monthly payments, you must pay a penalty of € 20 per unpaid fee up to a maximum of € 40. In addition, for each day of late payment of fees, you must pay a default interest, on the amount of outstanding financing, of 2% higher than the APR. In no case, this interest will exceed 25% APR.

If you still have any questions you can contact us through the email payments@pagamastarde.com

4. Product incidents

What do I do in case of incident with the product that I have bought?

In case you had any problem with your product (unjustified delay, product does not correspond to the one I requested), you must contact the corresponding store.

Only if the merchant does not respond to your claim, you can go to Customer Service through the email address atencionalcliente@pagantis.com providing the following information and documentation:

  • Name and surname
  • Front and back of your ID / NIE
  • Reason for the incident
  • eCommerce name
  • Merchant response (you must attach emails exchanged with the merchant)

Customer Service will respond to the incident as soon as possible.

What happens when the incident is resolved?

In this case, the same process as a normal return will be followed. We will refund all of your money paid so far and the outstanding capital will be canceled.

5. Customer back office

How do I acces my Customer back office?

Go to My account and fill in your NIE and password.

What can I do from my customer back office?

Once you access your customer back office, you can check all the information related to your financing, advance monthly payments or even your entire purchase and modify your personal data. To do this you must go to My Account and enter your ID and password.

6. Contact

Where do I have to send my ID / NIE?

You must send front and back side of your DNI / NIE to the following email: atencionalcliente@pagamastarde.com 

Who do I contact if I have doubts or incidents with payments?

For issues related to your financing payments, contact us through this email: pago@pagamastarde.com

Where do I have to contact for generic questions about the service?

For any questions that are not related to your payments, you should contact Customer Service: 

  • Email: atencionalcliente@pagamastarde.com
  • Telephone: 937 065 139 Hours:
  • Monday to Friday from 9am to
  • 8pm (except national holidays)

Where do I have to contact to request information or documentation about my financing?

In order for Customer Service to respond to your request, you must specify the content of the request and send the front and back side of your DNI / NIE to the following email: atencionalcliente@pagamastarde.com

7. Simulator

Estimate your instalments

Simulate your financing with the calculator you will find on the product detail page of your favourite stores! Depending on the amount and the number of installments you have selected, the amount of the monthly payments will vary. Choose the number of installments that suits you best!

"Pagantis" is a brand owned by the entity Pagantis, S.A.U. dedicated to the provision of payment services. Pagantis, S.A.U. authorizes the use of its brand to the entity Pagamastarde, S.L.U., who makes use of it in the provision of its consumer finance services.

“Pagantis" es una marca propiedad de la entidad Pagantis, S.A.U. dedicada a la prestación de servicios de pago. Pagantis, S.A.U. autoriza la utilización de su marca a la entidad Pagamastarde, S.L.U., quien hace uso de ella en la prestación de sus servicios de financiación al consumo.