Pagantis Legal Policy

This section includes discount rates and the exchange received by payment service providers in card transactions in Spain.

The circulars of the Bank of Spain 1/2015, of March 24 and 1/2016, of January 29, to the payment service providers, on the information of the perceived discount and exchange rates, develop the content and other aspects related to the information obligations defined in Article 13 of Law 18/2014, on the approval of urgent measures for growth and competitiveness, in which it is established that payment service providers must inform the Bank of Spain of the discount and exchange rates actually charged in payment transactions with debit or credit cards. at point of sale terminals located in Spain, regardless of the marketing channel used

The set of providers of this type of services required by the regulations is made up of credit institutions, credit financial establishments, payment entities, electronic money entities and branches in Spain of any of the previous foreign entities.

The information declared by the entities and the aggregate is available in the following links:


Discount rates - 2019/09
Discount rates - 2019/09
Discount rates - 2019/06
Discount rates - 2019/03
Discount rates - 2018/12
Discount rates - 2018/09
Discount rates - 2018/06
Discount rates - 2018/03

"Pagantis" is a brand owned by the entity Pagantis, S.A.U. dedicated to the provision of payment services. Pagantis, S.A.U. authorizes the use of its brand to the entity Pagamastarde, S.L.U., who makes use of it in the provision of its consumer finance services.

“Pagantis" es una marca propiedad de la entidad Pagantis, S.A.U. dedicada a la prestación de servicios de pago. Pagantis, S.A.U. autoriza la utilización de su marca a la entidad Pagamastarde, S.L.U., quien hace uso de ella en la prestación de sus servicios de financiación al consumo.